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  • Review: Longmire season 5

    Review: Longmire season 5

    Longmire season 5 is now streaming on Netflix. It sticks to the one crime per episode procedural format, but carries elements of the story over from episode to episode. Season 5 spoilers ahead.

  • How Episode 3 Hooked Me on Proof

    How Episode 3 Hooked Me on Proof

    I’ve been watching Proof. Episode 3 “Showdown” was on last week. Although I had no specific gripes with Proof, I wasn’t really hooked yet. The cast is terrific. Joe Morton, Matthew Modine, Jennifer Beals – all pretty much wow. And there’s Dr. Tyler’s ex-husband played by David Sutcliffe, her intern played by Edi Gathegi and […]

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