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  • A League of Their Own, this remake bats 1.000

    A League of Their Own, this remake bats 1.000

    A League of Their Own is a perfect example of my motto, “All the best stories are about love.” This baseball infused series contains many different kinds of love stories – most of them queer. There’s love for everyone in this outstanding reworking of the 1992 feminist classic.

  • Review: Ms. White Light

    Review: Ms. White Light

    Ms. White Light stars Roberta Colindrez as an odd woman who helps people let go of fear and accept their coming death. She’s great at this, but a failure at everything else in life. She has to carry crib notes about what to say to the families after the person passes. It’s on Prime Video,… Read more Review: Ms. White Light

  • Review: I Love Dick

    Review: I Love Dick

    I Love Dick as a television series is highly unusual. As a work of art it is a dazzling meditation on love, sexuality, and feminine perspective. The series shows the imagery and iconography of the female gaze explored through sexual obsession and feminine desire. I Love Dick was created by Jill Soloway of Transparent.