Watch This: Ascension Trailers and Features

Andrea Roth in Ascension

Ascension is a 3 night special playing on SyFy starting December 15. There are previews and promos available for this interesting new science fiction tale. I thought I’d let you look at several of them.

I remember the 60s and the early space program, so the series is especially interesting to me. Talking about how to send people into space for extended periods of time and for extended travel out of the solar system was a topic of national discussion back then. Everyone was very excited by the space program, glued to the TV for the launch of every rocket. The moon landing was something the whole country watched together.

It makes total sense to me that they begin this story in the 1960s with a secret mission to send people into space.

It’s a very big cast. A few names I recognize include Andrea Roth, Gil Bellows, Lauren Lee Smith, Tricia Helfer, Brad Carter, and Tiffany Lonsdale.

The embed code from SyFy to bring you these videos is a bit of a problem. They are not a good size to view in context. I urge you to expand each one to full screen to watch it.

This one is some background on what the story is about and the themes involved.

The official trailer was available on YouTube, so should be a better viewing size for you.

If you are interested in this series and watch it, I’d love to hear your reactions to it.

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