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  • Review: Ascension

    Review: Ascension

    Ascension, a three night event on SyFy was emphatically uneven. It was utterly boring at times, and edge-of-the-seat exciting at others. It was predictable while being unpredictable. It was disgustingly sexist but a paean to women by the end. Major spoilers ahead! The situation was a set-up. The previews showed a space ship launched from […]

  • Watch This: Ascension Trailers and Features

    Watch This: Ascension Trailers and Features

    Ascension is a 3 night special playing on SyFy starting December 15. There are previews and promos available for this interesting new science fiction tale. I thought I’d let you look at several of them. I remember the 60s and the early space program, so the series is especially interesting to me. Talking about how […]

  • Winners and Losers

    Winners and Losers

    Four new TV shows caught my eye. After checking them out for two or three episodes, I’ve picked the winners I want to keep watching and the losers that will disappear from my viewing schedule. The Winners The two shows I find the best are Intelligence and Killer Women. Sheer dazzle makes Intelligence interesting. Josh […]

  • First Impressions of Intelligence and Killer Women

    First Impressions of Intelligence and Killer Women

    Intelligence and Killer Women both opened their seasons this week. Here are my first impressions. Intelligence Intelligence touts Josh Holloway as the lead character, Gabriel Vaughn. He’s a government operative with a computer embedded in his brain and is considered the government’s most valuable asset. It’s on CBS. Behind this computer-man are Riley Neal (Meghan […]

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