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  • Sylvie’s Love is a Lush and Romantic Love Story

    Sylvie’s Love is a Lush and Romantic Love Story

    Sylvie’s Love is a gorgeous, luscious love story set in the world of jazz and cocktails from the late 1950s to the early 1960s. Streaming on Prime Video, it will set your romantic heart atingle.

  • Review: Little Woods

    Review: Little Woods

    Little Woods puts you inside the lives of two sisters during a harrowing week in their always difficult existence.

  • Winners and Losers

    Winners and Losers

    Four new TV shows caught my eye. After checking them out for two or three episodes, I’ve picked the winners I want to keep watching and the losers that will disappear from my viewing schedule. The Winners The two shows I find the best are Intelligence and Killer Women. Sheer dazzle makes Intelligence interesting. Josh […]

  • Fringe: A New Obsession

    Fringe: A New Obsession

    Fringe completed its 5th and final season earlier this year. There were 100 episodes in this Sci Fi drama full of parallel universes, strange beasts, and far out science – or “fringe” science – concepts. When it first came out, back in 2008, I watched a few episodes, but my attention was spotty. It was […]

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