Watch This: Trailer for Gentleman Jack – UPDATED

Suranne Jones in Gentleman Jack

I’m quite excited about Gentleman Jack. It’s an 8 hour historical drama series about Anne Lister, one of England’s earliest out lesbians. It’s written by Sally Wainwright. It stars Suranne Jones. Could anything get better than that?

There’s some background on Anne Lister in this post and in a post about an earlier movie about Anne Lister starring Maxine Peake I reviewed. If you haven’t read up on her background yet, I urge you to do it now. She was a fascinating woman.

The information on IMDB isn’t filled out in full yet, but it looks like Sally Wainwright, Sarah Harding and Jennifer Perrott are directing.

Suranne Jones and Sophie Rundle in Gentleman Jack

Sophie Rundle stars opposite Jones as Ann Walker, the object of Gentleman Jack’s amorous attention. Other actors in the series include Joe Armstrong, Amelia Bullmore, Peter Davison, Rosie Cavaliero, Gemma Jones, Gemma Whelan, and Timothy West.

Gentleman Jack will be simultaneously broadcast on HBO and BBC One starting April 22. If BBC One and HBO can do this for one show, then I say it should be possible for any show on any two networks in England and the US. No more waiting months to see British content!

I know what I’ll be doing on April 22. What about you?


Here’s another trailer the BBC released the day after the first one.

Why not enjoy the theme song by O’Hooley & Tidow while we’re at it?

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