Last Tango in Halifax Lands 4th Series: 6 Things I Hope to See

Last Tango in Halifax cast

Straight from the mouth of the BBC.

Let’s talk about what we want to see in season 4 of Last Tango in Halifax.

I don’t have a list of things I’d like to see in terms of the dramatic situations the characters get into. But I have some ideas about character arcs and development that I’d love to see. Here’s my wish list.

1. Caroline Has a Sex Life

I was dismayed when Sally Wainwright announced after Kate died that Caroline would not be with another woman (or man). But, as Hazel pointed out in a comment, perhaps Wainwright only meant for that to apply to season 3.

I would like to see the newly out and proud Caroline move on with her life, date some women, and maybe find another love or at least sex.

2. Gillian and Robbie Deal with Eddie

I don’t know how I want the discussion to end up, except I don’t want it to be with Gillian in jail. She made the probable blunder of marrying Robbie. She must deal with her secret or she will become more bonkers than she already is.

3. John Recovers

What does John need to recover from? Being a wanker? Being an alcoholic? Being a whiny cry-baby about women who don’t want him? Constantly hanging around? All of the above?

4. Celia Recovers

What does Celia need to recover from? Being homophobic? Being racist – including, but not limited to people of African, Indian or Pakistani and Scottish descent.

5. Flora is the Jewel in the Family

Caroline, Lawrence, William: they all need to think of Flora as the best thing that ever happened to them. She deserves it. Kate deserves it. Nina Sosanya deserves it after being killed off the show that probably earned her more loyal fans than she’s ever had before. Nina Sosanya deserves it for her role in making Last Tango in Halifax hugely popular.

6. Gary Turns out to be More than Mr. Nutso Moneybags

Gary needs to get into the actual lives of these people he thinks of as his family now. Enough with handing out money like he is the lottery and everyone just pulled a winning number.

7 thoughts on “Last Tango in Halifax Lands 4th Series: 6 Things I Hope to See”

  1. Regarding Caroline’s future relationships, RED’s Nicola Schindler reinforced in a recent interview that Caroline will look for another lesbian relationship. In an interview on BBC Woman’s Hour (section called Lesbians on Television) about a month ago, she said that in the next series (I am loosely quoting): “..Caroline is gay…will still be a lesbian…will carry on in her sexuality and in looking for a relationship.” (Google it to listen to it–this section occurs about ten minutes into the program.) In explaining Kate’s death, she said there is not much drama in happy relationships. Then she goes on to state that there needs to be more portrayals on TV of the complexity of lesbian life. It seems that RED and SW chose to portray the “complexity of lesbian life” through Caroline being a single lesbian professional who is dating and who is raising a small child, rather than through married Caroline and Kate confronting the challenges they would encounter, with each other and with the world. My conclusion: they thought there would not be enough drama for the series with a married Kate and Caroline, so Caroline needed to be freed up to date other women. I hope we get some insight into what lesbian experiences Caroline had from the time of her college affair until she started the relationship with John, and why she chose the path she chose– one of the conversations that I wish that Kate and Caroline had had during the series.

  2. Yeah, I guess you couldn’t find any drama in a lesbian relationship…an interracial lesbian interracial lesbian relationship with a child..acceptance of the lesbian relationship..acceptance of the interracial lesbian relationship by family and peers and the world in general..acceptance of the lesbian relationship at the matters involving the lesbian couple as far as the child is concerned. No I guess you couldn’t get any drama out of the lesbian relationship

    1. BB, you definitely know how to bring the drama. Did you watch The L Word? Bette and Tina (and their little girl) had all the drama you are describing for LTIH and it worked quite well.

      1. Yes and yes it did. P.S- Was a total TiBette shipper. Then they left :(.. latched on to the SS Calzona..then that ship sank :(..Found what became The House of stabbed in the heart(still bleeding I must add) So I guess I shall turn to the House of Adams-Foster. Hope that doesn’t blow up in my face.

  3. Re #2, Gillian and Robbie dealing with Eddie, and not wanting Gillian ending up in jail. My take is that that Gillian is not going to take it any further with Robbie based on what she said to Caroline in the bathroom– she said he would not forgive her, so no point in telling him, and then concludes she should not be marrying him because of this (him not being able to forgive her), but goes ahead anyway because she does not want to hurt him by calling off wedding in front of family and friends. Is anyone worried that in S3E6 bathroom conversation between Gillian and Caroline someone might have been listening to their conversation? Someone in one of the bathroom stalls? For example, supercilious Felicity? I say this because at first Felicity is complaining to Gary about Gary paying Harry’s fine, and then she seems gone from the crowd scene right before Caroline and Gillian walk through the crowd to go to the bathroom. Coincidental?

    1. Cary, It will be interesting to see if your theory is right when we get S4. I think it’s interesting how many conversations Gillian and Caroline have had in bathrooms with mirrors reflecting them as they talk. It seems like they’ve done one of these scenes in every series. I’d have to go back and really check, but I think I’m right about this.

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