Lost Girl S5 E12 Judgement Fae

Anna Silk in Lost Girl

In “Judgement Fae,” episode 12 of season 5 of Lost Girl, we get another of those episodes where things happen by magic, you never know who someone really is, the actors get to act like other characters because their bodies have been overtaken by some Ancient or other, and nothing is what it seems.

Many, many spoilers ahead.

The episode starts by fulfilling the fervent wishes of many Doccubus fans for a shower scene with Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer). They started running promos for the shower scene last week. I heard about it on Twitter.

You can watch the whole shower bit on YouTube. Then you can tell me if you thought Lauren had a funny look in her eyes, like she wasn’t really Lauren at all.

Lauren in a kimono with wet hair

In after-shower conversation, Lauren tells Bo that Jack, AKA Hades, (Eric Roberts) did help her with her formula. Bo worries because you cannot trust Jack. And she wants to know what will happen if Lauren holds on to a Fae for too long. Lauren is forgetful – she wants to order pizza 30 minutes after she already ordered it.

Bo doesn’t understand why Lauren is willing to give up who she is to be Fae.

Hephaestus at his forge

Zee (Amanda Walsh) takes her shield to Hephaestus (Christopher Russell) who will forge a new weapon for her. Let’s just call him Hepha for short, shall we? And he’s an ugly god – see how ugly he is?

Alycia kisses Dyson goodbye

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Alicia (Lisa Marcos) are playing house. They have breakfast. When Dyson prepares to leave, Alicia gives him a kiss. Domestic bliss oozes from these two.

Lauren at the clinic

Lauren and her new nurse (Elisa Atristain-Garcia) conclude that Hera/Kevin (Noam Jenkins) is still in a coma. Lauren asks for the files for patient X, which she already has in her hand. She opens it to read that patient X has early stage Parkinson’s Disease. We quickly conclude that Lauren is patient X, even though Parkinson’s isn’t the disease that makes you forgetful.

Jack in his cell

Although Jack walked out of his cell in the last episode, he sits there patiently all through this episode, waiting for Bo to drop in again and again. Which she does. In Bo’s first visit, he tells her he manipulated the painting so it wouldn’t get in the wrong hands and so Zee couldn’t use it on Bo.

Elizabeth is back

Bo hears a noise and finds Zee sprawled on the floor. But it isn’t Zee, it’s Elizabeth, the human lawyer who was in the elevator of the court house all those episodes ago. She is completely freaked out.

Elizabeth tries to remember

Bo takes Elizabeth to the Dal and feeds her – lots. Dyson swears she’s no longer Fae. He knows because of her smell. She explains everything she remembers about her experience. The last thing she remembers is fire and a shield and banging metal.

Trick 'spains stuff

Elizabeth’s memories clue Trick (Rick Howland) into explaining the Erinyes, who are the ministers of justice. In particular Judge Megaera, (Mimi Kuzyk) a judge Elizabeth knows from the courthouse. This judge can give Bo an audience with Hepha.

Bo and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) head for the court house to find the judge.

Judge Megaera is not too happy to see Bo

The judge talks rather unwillingly to Bo. Finally she points to a door. Bo walks through the door Judge Megaera indicates. Suddenly she is in a trial. Magaera is the judge. And Bo’s the lawyer! If Bo succeeds in her trial she will get the audience. If she fails she will go to Limbo.

Bo is suddenly a lawyer

Bo has an ear piece connecting her to Tamsin and Elizabeth. Elizabeth is giving her advice on the lawyering bits. The trial is between Max (Steve Arbuckle) and Phillip (Ennis Esmer) and it’s an intellectual property dispute. Bo is a terrible lawyer.

Dyson and Trick talk

Dyson tells his favorite barkeep that he’s falling for Alicia. This bothers him because wolves are supposed to mate for life and his one woman was Bo. It’s breaking the wolf code. But Trick reassures him by telling him the heart does what it likes.

Bo in the courtroom

Bo solves her case by helping the two contending fellas realize that they really do want to work together and support each other. The guys are a little sweet on each other.

Bo tells the judge after the case is dismissed that she realizes now that she should support Lauren in what she’s trying to do. The judge says she’s found her inner justice and sends her through a courtroom door into Hepha’s workshop. Hepha’s workshop looks a lot like the club house with a few props thrown around for atmosphere.

Bo by Hepha's forge

She asks Hepha what Zee wanted with him. He says ask her yourself.

Zoie Palmer as Zee

Bo turns and sees Lauren. Really, she sees Zoie channeling Amanda Walsh’s Zee. Which Zoie does to perfection, by the way. Lauren/Zee says Lauren held on too long and now she’s an Ancient.

Lauren does the walk

Lauren/Zee walks toward a hatch built into the floor. She does the Amanda-Walsh-as-Zee hip swing as she walks.

Hera spits up his gadflies

Back in the clinic, Kevin wakes up. He asks for his wife. He pretends to collapse so his door is unlocked. The nurse gets the gadfly treatment when she tries to help him.

Lauren hangs on to Bo for support

Lauren tells Bo Hades is evil. Bo swears she won’t let her father come between her and Lauren. Lauren isn’t strong enough to continue to contain Zee and she collapses. Tamsin and Elizabeth come in. Tamsin takes Lauren away to the clinic, but not before Elizabeth changes back into Zee by hanging on to Lauren’s arm.

Hera shows up. Hera and Zee start smooching. Ew. Gross. Their plan is to kill Bo. Suddenly Zee changes, as if she isn’t Zee but is really someone else. She lures Hera over to the hatch in the floor.

Zee tells Bo not to let power go to her head. She also points out that Hades’ evil comes in many forms. Well, not to overstate the obvious, but that seems to be the theme of the episode.

Hera and Zee go to Myth

Zee opens the hatch, kisses Hera, and a big whoosh of light takes both the Ancients into Myth, AKA Limbo. The bodies of Kevin and Elizabeth are left behind. Alive and human.

Bo holds the horse shoe

Bo finds something Hepha made for her. It’s a horseshoe. She has no idea what to do with it.

Dyson and Alicia in bed

Dyson and Alicia almost burn down the gym and celebrate by having sex. Dyson answers his phone, thinking it’s Bo calling him. But it’s Lauren. It must be the afterglow that keeps him from asking why Lauren is using Bo’s phone. They are called to the clinic to see about Kevin.

At the clinic, Alicia tells Dyson she doesn’t regret anything. He tells her to go be happy with Kevin, even though his heart is broken.

Kevin and Alicia hug

Alicia hugs her actual human husband and Dyson looks on with a sad heart. What about the fact that she knows all about the Fae and is a claimed human? Does that all go away now?

Bo and Lauren

Bo and Lauren are having dinner at the clubhouse. Lauren says she took the antidote and she’s no longer a conduit for the Fae. She says, “I lost myself.” It wasn’t about being Fae, it was about fixing the one thing that holds them back.

Bo says they are perfect the way they are. She doesn’t think anything needs fixing.

Lauren talks about getting old and grey and how she can’t do that to Bo.

Bo in tears

By now Bo has figured out that Lauren is breaking up with her AGAIN, using the same old excuse she used the last time. Bo says, “All I want is you,” and begs Lauren not to do this again. But Lauren does.

Bo confronts Hades

Bo goes to confront Jack. She’s angry at first and tells him to hurry up and do whatever it is he plans to do. He says he just wants his daughter to be happy. He says they are capable of many things – but love?

Bo switches from the angry in-control Bo to a Bo who cries that Lauren is gone. She acts like a schoolgirl telling her daddy about a bad day in 3rd grade. She even calls him Dad. They share a big hug.

Hades reminds her that without family they are nothing. He says, “I can lead you to water, but I can’t force you to drink.”

Tired as she is of all the horse metaphors, Bo agrees that he will never be able to force her to do anything. Sounds good, Bo, but I think he does.

Trick looks at the horse shoe

Bo goes to Trick for wisdom about the horseshoe. He says it’s made of adamantine and gold and it symbolizes protection and good luck.

Bo tells Dyson she’s not really made for love. But Dyson reminds her that the opposite is true. That it’s better to have loved and lost.

Bo goes home to wallow in front of the TV. Tamsin comes in. Bo cries big over-dramatic tears about Lauren. Tamsin sits beside her on the couch to comfort her. Proximity is all Bo needed. Bo kisses Tamsin. Tamsin reminds her that they are friends WITHOUT benefits now.

Bo pretends to be going to bed, but you see calculation and aggression in her eyes. When Bo takes off her jacket and stands there in a spaghetti strappy tank top thing, Tamsin goes to her. Tamsin says, “I’m going to regret this,” and kisses Bo.

Bo pushes her around roughly, kisses her roughly. In the last second of the episode, we see who is really seducing Tamsin.

Hades kisses Tamsin

Lara Azzopardi and Lauren Gosnell co-wrote this episode. This is Azzopardi’s first time writing for Lost Girl, although she’s been a consulting producer on the show. Gosnell also wrote the “End of Faes” episode. Lee Rose directed.

Some Thoughts

They really are going to keep us off balance until the very last second, aren’t they? The only predictable thing about Lost Girl is it’s unpredictable. I wouldn’t count on anything that happened in this episode being real. Not one thing. We have unreliable narrators everywhere in this episode.

I say Bo should slap that horseshoe on Hades and domesticate him.Okay, the winged horse was back in the last episode. Bo was given the weapon of a horseshoe in this episode. Hades keeps talking about leading horses to water. I say Bo should slap that horseshoe on Hades and domesticate him.

I loved the framing of scenes in this episode. Some of the imagery was stunning. Long shots in the court room. Bo and Hades in his cell. The forge. Who gets credit for these beautiful shots? Maybe the director? I don’t know quite who to send my kudos to, but kudos anyway.

It’s always a treat when actors get to do something different. Be different. Amanda Walsh, who has been spectacular as Zee, was impeccable as Elizabeth. Zoie Palmer was impeccable as Zee. Anna Silk was impeccable as Hades. When an actor plays the same part week after week, you lose sight of the fact that these are actors capable of a huge range of expression that may not come up for their particular character as we normally see it. Thanks for the demonstration of acting chops in this episode, everyone.

16 thoughts on “Lost Girl S5 E12 Judgement Fae”

  1. I’ve seen others mention that the break up was with the same old reasons, but I feel it’s because those reasons are still valid. When Lauren decided to get back with Bo it was while she was working on her formula. She had hope they could be together forever. That was taken from her & reality has once again settled in. I find her reasoning on point. It sucks, but it’s true. Will it stick? Will something happen to remove that obstacle? Who knows.

    1. The thing that bothers me about Lauren’s argument is that it accepts the notion in our culture that a woman is only lovable when she is youthful and beautiful and a size 4. When she grows older, wrinkled, and grey she is no longer worthy of love.

      Being an older person myself, I’m aware that you are who you are – whatever your age. You’re always the same person. Bo is saying that she loves Lauren as the person she is no matter what. But Lauren doesn’t trust that. Lauren is operating from the premise that only beautiful women can be lovable or cherished.

      I don’t know what the Lost Girl writers are going to do with this story line, but if Lauren remains a human I hope that she allows herself to be loved by Bo for all of her life.

      On a completely different note, I’m not sure it wasn’t Hades doing the breaking up. Somehow Hades was operating through Lauren.

      1. Virginia, I completely agree with your Younger v Older assessment. If the writers truly mean for Bo and Lauren to be apart for THIS reason, then they have failed the Lost Girl fans. This show is supposed to be about acceptance of everyone and everything. Besides, Bo is more likely to die before Lauren because of all the dangerous things she does. Was this reason (Human and Fea) of why they can not be together a hint it wasn’t Lauren talking to Bo, or was it lazy writing by the writers of LG ?

      2. I disagree that the break up was implying that Lauren is only lovable when she’s young. Her reasons weren’t about any insecurity that Bo would leave her if her beauty fades. It was that she knows she will die first, and that it will cause Bo extreme pain when it does. Already we’ve seen how Bo reacts just thinking about the fact that Lauren will die someday while Bo herself will just go on because she’s fae. Youth and beauty had nothing to do with it. Mortality vs immortality did. And Lauren might want someone that she can grow old with. Someone who will experience all of what that means. Bo can’t do that. Every year that goes by would slowly pull them apart in terms of how they experience life and that’s a slow death of a relationship that Lauren probably doesn’t want nor does she want it for Bo. Yes, the show is about accepting others and oneself and actually I think finally Lauren has.

        I’ve seen the idea elsewhere that it wasn’t actually Lauren, but Hades doing the breaking up, but the post episode Q&A by the writer indicates that it was real. Just an FYI. (Someone mentioned it here, somewhere…)

  2. Virginia, I’m curious about your feeling of the Bo and Tamsin seduction scene. The show-runner MG confirmed in a post episode interview that it was Jack impersonating Bo who seduced Tamsin and not Bo herself. So, basically it was rape. Hades is known for “The Rape of Persephone” (a classical mythological subject in Western art).

    So why do you think he did this ?. Hades never seemed angry at Tamsin, so hurting and humiliating her did not seem the motive. She will find out it wasn’t Bo as soon as she talks to her again. Maybe it was for no other reason but to make Doccubus fans even more suicidal after the breakup scene. But, I am wondering if Hades is planning for another offspring. What do you think ??

    1. It was rape! All the more reason to send him back to hell. With his nuts bolted to a horseshoe.

      I’m not sure about motives because we don’t yet know what Hades is really after. He is working everyone, using everyone, feeding them all his Kool Aid, but we don’t know why yet. As a guess, I think he’s trying to separate Bo from everything she values so he can manipulate her power for his own agenda because he doesn’t have enough power without her.

  3. This was an episode that I actually was a little bored with. I could have walked away at any time. the jokes weren’t funny. The surprises weren’t so surprising. I just simply didn’t care, and the icing on the cake was the Doccubus break up. This was just a bad episode. And I am not one to ever put LostGirl down, I’ve been with it from day 1, but it was like it was rushed to make the deadline. Not trying to offend anyone.

    1. It was all kind of fake drama, wasn’t it? Unreliable events. And no Evony!

      However, I think all the fake drama is leading to something before the last few episodes play out. It will fit in somehow.

  4. Maigray Bell (@MaigrayBell)

    Finally have time to comment for real here! This was easily one of my favorite eps. You can see how they are trying to pick up all the threads and tie them together. Since they got late notice on cancellation but received 3 extra eps to compensate, it’ll be interesting how they referee everything into place. Grassi really seems keen to tie up some loose ends.

    I was very surprised by many things as well. I was surprised that shower scene was real. I expected it to be a dream. I was surprised Z and Hera left. I was surprised Hades seduced Tamsin in the guise of Bo. It could have worked either way.

    I was extremely relieved Alicia might be out of the picture. I know the showrunner is indulging his actors, and I actually applaud that in this final season. And the actress is lovely. But gosh, I needed that to be over! I’ll be happy to have Mark back in its place, which says something!

    I was not expecting the break up at all. I think I made a comment on Twitter that if I could drop kick Lauren out a window, I would! It’s character consistent, at least. But there was always something not quite right with them getting back together. It felt off.

    On the other hand, I’m also unsure of everything. I am not sure what Lauren is doing. I am not sure if Bo is going to go Dark or not. I am not convinced Alicia and Kevin are gone for good. I am not sure what Hade’s next move is. Will Persephone reappear? Is Iris really dead? Does Kenzi have a part to play before it is all over? Is Hades as evil as he seems? What will Aife have to say about it? What role will Mark play? Will he and Vex have a relationship? What will Tamsin do? Will the necklace have an impact? Will they resolve what is happening with the Morrigan?

    I do love the uncertainty though. My only real fear is that Bo will end up turning human and live married in the suburbs with kids behind a picket fence. Ack!

    1. “My only real fear is that Bo will end up turning human and live married in the suburbs with kids behind a picket fence.” LOL. I think almost anything BUT that could happen.

      I hope Kenzi will be back. I don’t think Aife will. I hope Evony gets restored to Faedom. It would be very cool if the necklace had something to do with how things turn out – I’d forgotten all about the necklace.

      I think they are just trying to keep us on the edge of out seats until the very last minute, biting our nails and worrying.

      This latest doccubus break up seems fake to me – created by Hades. If they ever get rid of him I think Bo and Lauren will end up together. But that could be wishful thinking. I know you probably disagree since Lauren isn’t your favorite person.

  5. Maigray Bell (@MaigrayBell)

    Aife is in the promo photos for the next episode, so we know she is coming back. I am almost certain Kenzi will be back as well, but perhaps only for the finale. I used to think she would be in the last 3-4 eps. The necklace I am talking about it Freya’s necklace, just to be clear, not the Doccubus necklace.

    Lauren isn’t my favorite character at the moment, but she is definitely tied with Bo. I’m a huge Doccubus supporter, and I often identify very strongly with Lauren. So it says something that I find it hard to have much sympathy for her in this instance. I tend to agree this is just a bump in the road though. Perversely, I’m a little reassured.

    1. I didn’t see the promos for the next episode. I’m glad to hear Aife will be back! Surely they can’t finish Lost Girl without something more from Kenzi. And I just read that Q&A that said the Doccubus breakup was real. Alas.

  6. Maigray Bell (@MaigrayBell)

    I don’t think they would ever intentionally leave her out. And I’m not sure I trust that interview! He doesn’t give anything away. At its most basic, I think he meant that was not Hades masquerading as Lauren, but viewers will know that by the next episode anyway. This feels like the episode where the writers really began the legwork for the finale, once they knew it was the last season. But it feels like the show has reputation for red herrings anyway.

    1. It’s not in Bo’s character to not love and be loyal. Even if she’s Queen of the Fae. I think that’s why the Lauren breaking up with her again annoys me. It doesn’t matter how many years are ahead of you, love is love.

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