Operation: Nation (Kryptonim: Polska), Polish dark comedy

Magdalena Mascianica and Maciej Musialowski in Operation: Nation

Operation: Nation (Kryptonim: Polska) puts Polish right wing Nazi lovers up against a leftist college girl. The small Nazi group calls themselves the Radical Youth Association (RYA in the subtitles, but the Polish is ZMR as you see on the arm bands).

In Operation: Nation (Kryptonim: Polska) the Nazis are basic ignoramuses. The opening scene is them in the woods celebrating Hitler’s birthday. The guys bringing the cake don’t even know if Hitler is dead or alive. The group leader, Roman (Borys Szyc), whips his followers up into a white power frenzy of hate toward leftists, Jewish people, LGBTQ+ people, and just about everyone else.

Borys Szyc in Operation: Poland
Roman is a forceful leader

Roman has an aimless cousin, Staszek (Maciej Musialowski). Staszek doesn’t really believe much of anything. He lives in a bedroom at his parents house that he shares with his sister. When Roman wants him to join the Nazis, he does without giving it much thought.

Magdalena Mascianica in Operation: Poland
Equality for all!

Staszek and Pola (Magdalena Mascianica) meet at a rally. She’s a leftist who supports all the things the Nazis are against. Staszek and Pola don’t realize they are on opposite sides of the issues. They start seeing each other and it takes a few meetings before Pola realizes that Staszek is helping the hate group.

The actions of the bumbling Nazis are never successful. Pola is convincing in her beliefs in equality for everyone. It all comes to a head at a Pride Parade in Warsaw. The ending is a nice surprise twist.

Kryptonim: Polska translates (according to Google) to Codename: Poland, but Netflix calls the film Operation: Nation. Using Codename: Poland would have been a funnier title for this goofy comedy, because the RYA fellows have hilarious issues figuring out a codename for their attack on the Pride Parade.

Oh, and where is the RYA headquarters? In a monastery where the resident monk is so delighted to have “such nice boys here.”

The characters are cardboard cutouts, the issues are the same that we face in most countries today, the humor is broad. I’ve seen better Polish comedy than this one. The Green Glove Gang and Sexify are two examples. Fans of Polish films may enjoy this movie, but it isn’t one of my top recommendations. It’s on Netflix.

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