Review: Someone Great

Brittany Snow, Gina Rodriguez, and DeWanda Wise in Someone Great

Someone Great stars Gina Rodriguez in a comedy about breaking up, friendship, and possibly growing up just a little bit.

Let’s start with the breakup. Jenny Young (Rodriguez), a New York based music journalist, has been with her boyfriend Nate (LaKeith Stanfield) for 9 years. She gets a chance to write for Rolling Stone, but the job is in San Francisco.

Well, shucks, folks, nobody (make that Nate) thinks a long distance relationship will work. It’s over and Jenny is sad, sad, sad.

The friendship trio is Jenny, Blair (Brittany Snow), and Erin (DeWanda Wise). These women are tight. They have each other’s backs. They’re all about to turn 30 but they still live like college girls – partying, drugs, booze, and unwise hookups.

Gina Rodriguez in Someone Great
Do we have drugs?

Because Jenny is sad, sad, sad and about to move to the other side of the country, they have an epic day of partying, drugs, booze, and unwise hookups.

Each of the friends have their own drama. Erin is in love with Leah (Rebecca Naomi Jones), but pretends she doesn’t have a girlfriend because she’s afraid to have a girlfriend. Blair pretends to be in a happy relationship with Will (Alex Moffat), but actually wants out.

The three of them have responsible jobs, but live irresponsible lives – immature lives. Some female friendships forever chemistry (or their drug cocktail) from their epic day together makes them realize it’s time to grow up.

They make a start. Maybe they can become the grown ass women they are fond of saying they are. Change is possible. Inevitable.

Cameo spots were taken by Rosario Dawson, RuPaul, and Michelle Buteau. Peter Vack showed up a few times. The music was splendid! Someone Great was written and directed by Jennifer Kaytin Robinson.

Someone Great is a feel good movie with wonderful female stars. The cast was quietly but effectively inclusive. I enjoyed it very much. It didn’t invent anything new in the comedy department, but it was fun and well done in every way.

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