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  • First Kill, soapy teen drama monster style

    First Kill, soapy teen drama monster style

    First Kill looks great on paper. LBGTQ+ teen love story, diverse cast, two female lead characters, 50% women directors, wrapped up with vampires and monster hunters. It wasn’t as good as it sounded, but it wasn’t as bad as a lot of people are saying.

  • Review: Anne with an E, season 3

    Review: Anne with an E, season 3

    The final season of Anne with an E is now available on Netflix. Anne turns 16, finishes up her last year in her small school, and goes away to college. She learns more about herself and finally notices boys.

  • Review: Anne with an E, season 2

    Review: Anne with an E, season 2

    Anne with an E season 2 is loosely based on the Anne of Green Gables novels by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Adapted in this version for Canadian television by writer Moira Walley-Beckett, the series is available on Netflix. There are some minor spoilers ahead.

  • Review: Travelers Season 2

    Review: Travelers Season 2

    Travelers season 2 jumps back into the world where travelers from several hundred years in the future have returned to the 21st Century to try to save the world. Their aim is to change history so that the humans living in the 21st Century don’t destroy the environment and society to the point of creating […]

  • Review: Anne with an E

    Review: Anne with an E

    This Canadian series calls itself Anne with an E, although it’s listed on IMDB simply as Anne. Since the stunningly gorgeous title sequence for every episode calls it Anne with an E, that’s the one I’m going with here.

  • Review: Travelers, season 1

    Review: Travelers, season 1

    Travelers is a Netflix original from Canada’s Showcase. It’s a sci-fi tale about consciousness travel from a distant future back to the 21st Century. The purpose – the mission – is to save the world and all the people in it from the horrible future.

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