Audrey Fleurot

Audrey Fleurot, Sofia Essaïdi, Julie De Bona, and Camille Lou in Women at War

Women at War (Les combattantes), heroic French women in WWI

Women at War (Les combattantes) puts the efforts and heroism of French women at the center of this story set in 1914 France as the Germans invaded France. Four popular actresses lead the cast.

The agents peek over a partition in Call My Agent

Review: Call My Agent (Dix pour cent), season 1

Call My Agent (Dix pour cent) is a French language TV series streaming on Netflix. It’s about a firm of agents behind the greatest film and TV stars in France. It’s clever and funny and delightful.

Audrey Fleurot, Julie De Bona, and Camille Lou in The Bonfire of Destiny (Le Bazar de la Charité)

Review: The Bonfire of Destiny (Le Bazar de la Charité)

The Bonfire of Destiny (Le Bazar de la Charité) is a French language melodrama that begins with a real historical event. The event was an 1897 fire in Paris that burned down a building housing a charity bazaar. Over 100 women died in the fire. It’s streaming on Netflix.

The main cast of A French Village

Review: A French Village (Un village français), season 1

The long running series A French Village (Un village français) has 7 seasons. This French series is about a fictional village near the French border with Switzerland and what happened there during the German occupation from 1940 to 1945.

Michael C. Hall and Marc Warren in Safe

Review: Safe

Safe is an 8 part Harlan Coben mystery series on Netflix. It stars Michael C. Hall as a father desperately trying to find his missing 16 year old daughter.

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