Elise Schaap

Bracha van Doesburgh and Elise Schaap in Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours, a twisty mystery from the Netherlands

Faithfully Yours is an engaging mystery. This Dutch language film uses plot twists and surprises to keep you interested as the story unrolls. There are some very good liars in the film among a group of untrustworthy characters. Thematically, the film is saying that a liar never can believe anything anyone else says.

Elise Schaap in Stromboli

Stromboli, a drama from The Netherlands about healing

Stromboli stars Dutch actress Elise Schaap in a story about one woman’s twisted and emotional journey toward healing. She leaves The Netherlands for a get away. She heads to the volcanic Italian island of Stromboli with a suitcase full of vodka and a plan to stay in the tiny cottage she rented and be drunk 100% of the time. It …

Stromboli, a drama from The Netherlands about healing Read More ยป

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