Faithfully Yours, a twisty mystery from the Netherlands

Bracha van Doesburgh and Elise Schaap in Faithfully Yours

Faithfully Yours is an engaging mystery. This Dutch language film uses plot twists and surprises to keep you interested as the story unrolls. There are some very good liars in the film among a group of untrustworthy characters. Thematically, the film is saying that a liar never can believe anything anyone else says.

The setup for Faithfully Yours is two women friends, both judges, who back each other on a weekend escapes where the real aim is to find sex outside their marriages.

Bracha van Doesburgh and Nasrdin Dchar in Faithfully Yours
Bodil and Milan

Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) is married to Milan (Nasrdin Dchar). He’s a doctor. The two of them have a son.

Isabel (Elise Schaap) is married to Luuk (Gijs Naber), a mystery writer.

On the train ride to Belgium, Isabel and Bodil plan their weekend. Bodil will make it look like both of them are at a lecture (about lying! LOL) on Friday night. Then Isabel will cover for Bodil on Saturday night.

There’s a minor hitch when Bodil arrives at the house she inherited from her aunt where she’s staying. Her sister Yara (Hannah Hoekstra) is unexpectedly there. Badil tells her to go and she does.

Bracha van Doesburgh and Matteo Simoni in Faithfully Yours
Bodil and Michael

Bodil picks up the speaker for the evening, Michael (Matteo Simoni), and takes him home with her for a night of random sex that she didn’t expect on her night to behave.

Elise Schaap in Faithfully Yours
Interesting outfit, Isabel

Isabel heads to a club where she plans to pick up someone.

All the extra curricular sex is going swell, until Bodil returns from a swim in the ocean to find her floor covered with blood. She calls the police. They receive an anonymous photo of Isabel lying dead in said pool of blood.

It took me a long time to explain it, but that was just the beginning of the story. Many twists and surprises are introduced into the plot as both the police and Bodil try to work out what’s happened. Where is Isabel’s body? Why do Milan and Luuk show up at such a convenient moment? Who was the murderer really trying to murder?

As a faithfully loyal follower of mystery tales, you may be able to see some of the twists and surprises coming, or at least begin to expect them. But I hope you don’t guess them all in advance, because some of them are delicious.

If you enjoy a mystery, take a look at this one and let me know in the comments what you thought of it. The film is streaming on Netflix.

2 thoughts on “Faithfully Yours, a twisty mystery from the Netherlands”

  1. christopher swaby

    i enjoyed this movie. i figured out the end as i learned more about the characters but it wasnt a disappointing finish at all. there was the one scene in which the heroine runs towards the see rather than towards one of the other houses in the vicinity – that didnt make much sense to me even when it all worked out for her. that said, i thought the characters acted consistently and with purpose.

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