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Hit the Lights, Lost Girl

Can you see K.C. Collins in the screen shot above? He’s there, down at the end of the line, next to Ksenia Solo, who is also hard to see. Here’s another image with K.C. Collins that presumably involves outside light. Still hard to see, isn’t he? Maybe it’s because of budget issues, as mehlsbells suggests, but Lost Girl is generally …

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lost girl cast

Lost Girl Season 3 Pre Show

Spend 45 minutes with Jay Firestone, Lost Girl producer, and the main cast of Lost Girl as they talk about what to expect in season 3. The video was made after season 3 was shot, but before it was released, so we didn’t know about Tamsin. Present in this interview were Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer, Rick Howland, K.C. Collins, Ksenia …

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