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  • I Hate Suzie. Well, she is a bit of a mess.

    I Hate Suzie. Well, she is a bit of a mess.

    I Hate Suzie. Don’t forget the period at the end of that sentence; it’s required. Suzie, played with enthusiastic mayhem by Billie Piper, is a television personality recognized regularly on the street. Her phone is hacked and photos of her in compromising situations with not-her-husband are posted online. This comedy from the UK is now […]

  • Review: Murderland

    Review: Murderland

    Murderland is currently available on Amazon Video. It was originally a three part mystery on Britain’s iTV in 2009, but streams as a two hour movie on Amazon.

  • Review: Oranges and Sunshine

    Review: Oranges and Sunshine

    In the 1980s, an English social worker named Margaret Humphreys uncovered a decades long government and church scheme to deport children. Oranges and Sunshine tells that story. The children, some as young as 3 or 4 years old, were sent to many countries, mostly Australia, where they were used as slave labor, abused, their stories […]

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