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  • Watch This: Trailer for the Sense8 Christmas Special

    Watch This: Trailer for the Sense8 Christmas Special

    Sense8 won’t air season 2 until May 2017, but we get a 2 hour Christmas special to hold us over. The special will air on Netflix beginning on December 23.

  • Review: Lila and Eve

    Review: Lila and Eve

    Lila and Eve stars Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez. I wanted so much to absolutely love it because of the two stars. How often do you get to see a film with Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez as the lead characters? Or any women of color? Despite the performances of the two leads, the film […]

  • Review: Sense8, season 1

    Review: Sense8, season 1

    Sense8 is a Netflix original created, written and directed by J. Michael Straczynski, Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, among others. It’s strange and disjointed and hard to grasp at first, but it’s also fascinating and intriguing and compelling. The series is an ambitious attempt at epic storytelling. Spoilers ahead.

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