The Competent Female Sidekick Trope

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Brain Dump: Stalker, Covert Affairs, Bones, Cristela and some Good Books

Time for a brain dump. It’s a little bit of this and a little bit of that.


Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q in Stalker
Dylan McDermott and Maggie Q in Stalker

In the “Love is a Battlefield” episode of Stalker, which is the 6th episode of the season, we finally get a female stalker, played with convincing intensity by Jessica Tuck. One of my concerns with this show was that every episode would be about some dude pursuing a helpless female. We had to wait 6 episodes, but we finally did get a different scenario.

Covert Affairs

Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs
Piper Perabo in Covert Affairs

Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) is back with a new season of Covert Affairs. Annie has a heart condition and the CIA wants to confine her to a desk because of it. She wants to be in the field, but her heart does slow her down in critical moments.

Heart disease and heart attacks are the number 1 killer of women in this country. And the stats are showing that younger and younger women are dying of heart attacks every year. Kudos to Covert Affairs for working this theme into this tale of the best action hero(ine) on TV.


David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in Bones
David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in Bones

The Bones episode “The Lost Love in the Foreign Land” (season 10, ep 6) was a moving story about human trafficking. In one scene Booth (David Boreanaz) was surrounded by a whole room full of Chinese women forced into slave labor. It came out that the women were controlled by threats against their families and loved ones back in China. The woman Booth was talking to (Leann Lei) held up a photo of her daughter. Every other woman in the room stepped forward with a photo. It was one of the most powerful images I’ve ever seen in efforts to put a face on human trafficking. Kudos to Bones for such a touching and important episode.

At the end of the episode, there was a brief mention of The Blue Campaign, a State Department effort to end human trafficking. I recommend the book Not For Sale. It will give you a lot more information about the global slave trade, particularly the huge numbers of slaves now forced to work in the US. You might be interested in this info from showing stats state by state.


Cristela Alonzo in Cristela
Cristela Alonzo in Cristela

I’m loving Cristela. Why?

  • Cristela’s Latina
  • Cristela’s sporting a normal body
  • The players deliver their lines in a normal tone of voice and with pauses and beats the way real people talk. It isn’t one of those shouting lines and saying them faster than a speeding bullet sitcoms.
  • It’s funny and real.

As long as I’m recommending books in this brain dump, may I mention The Richer Sex? Cristela Alonzo is a a perfect example of a south Texas Mexican-American doing exactly what is described in this book. With many examples from south Texas, the book talks about the trend across the country of women in charge, women making more money than men, and women being better educated than men.


Dishing About this Week’s Season Openers

All the season openers for the week have aired now. Let’s talk about how they did.

The two that I thought did the best job starting the new season off with a bang were Castle and Bones.

Stana Katic and Nathan Fillian in Castle
Stana Katic and Nathan Fillian in Castle

Castle jumped right out of the gate with action, conflict and new situations. Beckett is busy in Washington D.C. in a new job and the newly engaged couple are missing each other. Castle can’t keep from meddling in her cases and trying to keep their relationship exactly like it was before. Alexis comes home with a boyfriend in tow – a boyfriend who makes a mess in the kitchen cooking vegan steaks out of hunks of papaya. The episode was fast, fun, and gave us a glimpse into where the season is headed with Beckett in D.C. and Castle in NYC.

Yes, Bones can be formulaic. However, this week was hilarious, with Bones and Booth going undercover as a couple of Jersey shore types to solve a murder at a couples retreat. In other storylines, Angela wants to quit working at the Jeffersonian, and Sweets is having a crisis of his own about his career path. Camille has been targeted by a recurring bad guy who is messing with her identity, credit, and finances. We had a fun plot line to get us going and ongoing problems for future episodes. Perfection.

And the Others Are . . .

Connie Britton and Lennon Stella in Nashville
Connie Britton and Lennon Stella in Nashville

Much as I love Nashville, it got off to a slow start, mainly because Rayna spent the majority of the episode in a coma. Connie Britton is the soul of this show, and we simply cannot have her lying in a bed doing nothing. Juliette released a new album while pretending to be concerned about Rayna’s condition, Scarlett quit her job as a waitress at the BlueBird to go record an album on Rayna’s new record label, Gunnar might be growing up a bit, Teddy’s girlfriend is lying to him about being pregnant, and Deacon is blaming himself for every bad thing that ever happened on the face of the earth. Deacon is caught in one of the most grandiose shame spirals ever – much credit to Charles Esten for playing it so powerfully. Rayna finally woke up at the end of the episode which means I’m really looking forward to next week.

Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire
Taylor Kinney in Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire was a bit same-old, same-old. The plot mainly revolved around Taylor Kinney’s character Severide. An arsonist is out to get Severide with personal attacks. Renée is home from Paris, pregnant and wanting Severide to be her baby daddy. Good grief, why does everyone want Severide for their baby daddy? Shay, who hasn’t managed to get pregnant yet herself, points out to Severide that the math on Renée’s due date doesn’t add up. Man, what a week Severide is having. I know Severide had high hopes for Renée – heaven knows they were sexy together – but I think being busy shooting people with a rifle on a rooftop in Person of Interest puts her in the she’s just not that into you category. The question is, what reason will the writers dream up for him to use to dump her. Arithmetic?

Speaking of Person of Interest, the dream pairing Sarah Shahi and Amy Acker didn’t have any scenes together this week. Sarah Shahi was shooting people from a rooftop and not interested in finding a baby daddy.  Amy Acker was being mysterious while having conversations with a shrink. I’m looking forward to seeing where her story arc takes us.

The Grey’s Marathon

Ellen Pompeo in Grey's Anatomy
Ellen Pompeo in Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy charged into its 10th season with a two-hour opener. My first thought was how cute Tina Majorino looked with her short hair. She’s my favorite of the new doctors, along with Gaius Charles, who always reminds me of Friday Night Lights, which always makes me happy. All that cute and happy screeched to a halt when Shane sent Heather to look for Richard who’s been lying electrocuted in a puddle of water ever since the end of last season. Yep, Heather steps in the water and gets electrocuted. Even Derek and his magical brain surgery skills cannot save her. The rest of the first-year interns bond over Heather’s death and their daunting assignment to tell her mother stories about what a great person she was. Tina, I’m gonna miss you.

Yang and Bailey manage to save Richard while arguing about how to do it for 2 hours.

In other parts of the Grey’s universe, Callie is hurt and angry at Arizona. They fight and cry for 2 hours. One light moment in the Callie and Arizona crisis comes when Karev advises Arizona to apologize to Callie by saying, “Sorry I’m such a slut.”

Christina and Owen break up again, but they keep having sex because they want to create a perfect last-time-we-ever-had-sex to remember.

Meredith has a new baby named Bailey and some further medical complication which keeps her in her bed. Her hospital room is the calm eye of the storm where everyone goes from time to time to hold the baby and have a quiet moment.

Lots of other stuff happened: Kepner decides who she actually loves this week, Karev remains a chick magnet, and lots of people need heroic medical help. Hang on, Grey’s is underway for a 10th year.