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  • Review: Altered Carbon, season 2

    Review: Altered Carbon, season 2

    Altered Carbon, season 2, puts Takeshi Kovacs 300 years in the future on a planet run by a money grubbing President. As in season 1, it’s a complex sci-fi drama with many characters’ stories interwoven.

  • Review: Altered Carbon

    Review: Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon is a science fiction series set in a technologically advanced future where people with money and power could choose to never die. That was the central thesis and conflict in the 10 part series from Netflix. The series touched on many other themes, but superficially. I thought the series tried to do too […]

  • Dollhouse: Reality Catches Up with Fiction

    Dollhouse: Reality Catches Up with Fiction

    I’m a Dollhouse fan, so this tweet from @HostilePoet_17 caught my eye. THE DOLLHOUSE IS REAL! #dollhouse #Thoughtpocalypse Can I have Topher so? — Dara (@HostilePoet_17) September 12, 2013 The tweet lead me to this story in TIME Magazine : Memories Can Now Be Created — And Erased — in a Lab.  In TIME, […]

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