Lost Girl: S5 E10 Like Father, Like Daughter

Lost Girl charges ahead with episode 10, “Like Father, Like Daughter.”  Kenzi is BACK! But only for this episode. A whole lot of things happen with no explanation and we don’t get any details about why. In short, things are pretty normal on Lost Girl.

Many hundreds of spoilers ahead. Continue Reading: Lost Girl: S5 E10 Like Father, Like Daughter

Lost Girl: S5 E2, Like Hell Pt. 2

Lost Girl begins “Like Hell, Pt. 2” with Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) wanting out of her coffin. By the end of the episode Kenzi is headed somewhere else entirely.

Here’s the story in pictures. Lots of spoilers ahead.

Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo and Zoie Palmer in Lost Girl

Thanks for digging me up, guys. Big problem. Bo (Anna Silk) traded herself for me.

Zoie Palmer and Ksenia Solo watch HELP appear on a glass door

A ghostly presence interrupts the physical exam and vodka shots by writing HELP on a glass door. Is it Bo?

Stacy and Dyson talk

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) holds open the gates of Valhalla so Bo can get out. Along comes a Valkyrie named Stacy (Kate Corbett) who is after a soul to replace the Russian human. Dyson decides to be so charming and sexy that Stacy forgets what she’s doing.

Anna Silk as Bo

Off the elevator to hell, Bo wanders around in the dark looking for Dad. In a dress that would make Angelina Jolie jealous.

A hellish demon, Puca, played by Alex Appel

Something takes a bite out of Bo’s leg and says, “You just got bitch snacked.”

Hannah Anderson appears as Persephone

Let’s think: that bitch biter Puca (Alex Appel)  on one side, this 6000 year old lovely (Hannah Anderson) on the other. Which path will Bo choose? Why, yes, the pretty young thing shows Bo around the maze of hell.

Persephone and Bo have sex

Bo quickly convinces Miss Congeniality of Hell to help her heal.

Lauren sleeping in Bo's kimono.

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) takes a nap and has ghost sex with a spirit bearing all the earmarks of Bo. Everything Bo does in one place happens to Lauren in the other. Is Bo so sexually powerful she can have sex in two realms of existence at the same time?

Persephone tells all

“I am Persephone. Daughter of Demeter. Wife of Hades, King of the Underworld. And I am your step mother.” What? She couldn’t mention this BEFORE the sex? Oh, by the way, the Artemis flame is the way out.

The scene from the dawning with Bo's father holding her as a child.

Bo finds pop. Bo was born in hell. Just like in the dawning. Hades began to lose his power after Bo’s removal from Hell.

A mother and child drawing.

Aife left drawings that show how much she loved Bo.

Bo takes the Artemis candle.

Hey, Dad, you’re darkness and I’m not walking into it. There are people who truly love me back home. I don’t need to know you to know myself. I’m taking everything you have. You don’t like it, come and get me.

Bo is strangled, apparently by her father

Come and get me, did you say? Nice try, Pops, but Bo can fight you off easily because her mother taught her how to fight.

Bo sobs in the elevator as she escapes from Hades

Upsets a girl when dear old dad turns out to be the strangler and the Lord of the Underworld.

Lauren and Kenzi say incantations over a ouija board.

Ouija boards and incantations will bring Bo back. Don’t they look just like Willow and Tara here?

Bo has the candle

Bo leaves hell with a promise to light the candle. Sometimes all it takes to keep the evil at bay is to let the light in.

Bo escapes hell as Dyson holds open the gates to Valhall.

She’s out. She’s back. Here’s Bo!

Lauren grabs the ouija board

The ouija board sent a demon instead of Bo. The solution: burn the board up while screaming “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Tamsin is a good girl

Stacy shows up wanting the uppity doctor’s soul to replace Kenzi’s. Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrives and defeats Stacy in a Valkyrie showdown because she’s good Tammy now. Stacy left the labrys necklace behind when Tamsin scared her off.

a family dinner

Everyone is home and alive. Time for a family dinner at the Dal. Tamsin forgives Dyson for sucking face with Stacy. Bo tells Trick (Rick Howland) that the afterlife is “personal.”

Dyson gives Kenzi a paper

Dyson gives Kenzi something Hale left her in his will. Seems Kenzi now owns property on the coast of Spain.

Lauren and Bo amid bottles

Lauren and Bo go to the keg room where they should be KISSING, but no . . .  they discuss Kenzi. But at least Bo has her necklace back. And wait – there’s still a demon around!


That damn Edimmu is here, wanting a bite outta Bo. Kenzi shoots it with a big gun. They never use guns on this show, but Kenzi has a gun. Probably because Edimmu was wearing Bo’s kimono.

Kenzi talks to Bo

Back at the clubhouse, Kensi drops the news. She says, “I can’t keep being a lost human in a Fae world. I need to try something new. Something human. I need to go.”

Bo talks to Kenzi

Big hugs but no crying. Bo says, “We’re sisters. I love you, Kenzi. Sometimes I think it’s the only thing I’m completely sure about.” And Kenzi leaves.

Bo lights the candle.

Bo tears boards off the window and lights the Artemis candle.

woman in elevator holding a candle

While Bo lights the candle an unidentified woman (Amanda Walsh) talks annoyingly on her phone in an elevator. When the candle is lit, she’s holding it. Suddenly there’s screaming and darkness. Question, what’s with all the people whose faces we cannot see in this elevator?

Some Thoughts

This episode was written by Emily Andras. Very happy to see her writing an episode, especially this very important one that explains why Kenzi won’t be around for every episode this season.

Ksenia Solo
Look at this face. This is not a street urchin. This is a woman – a grown-up, powerful woman.

Ksenia Solo explained in an interview,

I came to a fork in the road and I had to make a decision for myself. I started “Lost Girl” when I was 21, and it’s been a six-year commitment. It’s a long time in a person’s life, especially at that age. I really wanted to expand myself creatively, and in order to do that and continue to grow as an actor, I needed to have the chance to play other roles and do other projects. But you need time for that, and I didn’t have it.

I love Kenzi. We all love Kenzi. But she’s not that skinny kid she was. Ksenia Solo has grown up right before our eyes. She’s demonstrated her acting abilities. She’s matured in both mind and spirit. So, if Ksenia Solo has a chance to move on, to grow, then bless her and good luck. She deserves it.

Ksenia’s going to take good care of the Lost Girl fans before the season ends. She won’t be gone in every future episode. And because of the social phenomenon known as a “con,” I’m sure Ksenia Solo will be in front of Lost Girl fans many times in the future.