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  • Review: High Seas (Alta Mar), season 3

    Review: High Seas (Alta Mar), season 3

    High Seas (Alta Mar), season 3, was shortened to 6 episodes – probably because of the coronavirus. Which is ironic because the plot of the season involved the search for a person carrying a deadly virus aboard the ship. This Spanish language drama is streaming on Netflix.

  • Review: High Seas (Alta Mar), season 2

    Review: High Seas (Alta Mar), season 2

    Season 2 of High Seas (Alta mar), a Spanish language TV series, was stronger in terms of plotting than season 1. The scenes of the ship sailing on the ocean looked a little better as well. I think Netflix decided to invest more money in this series when they saw it was a hit, and […]

  • Review: High Seas (Alta mar)

    Review: High Seas (Alta mar)

    The Netflix original Spanish language series High Seas (Alta mar) is set on a luxury ship heading from Spain to Brazil in the late 1940s.

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