Reviews of movies and TV focused on women

Tag: Mira Sorvino

  • Review: Hollywood

    Review: Hollywood

    Hollywood is about rewriting the story of Hollywood by going back 80 years and re-imagining everything. Set in the 1940s, the series creates a new history for Hollywood that includes people of color, out gay men, and women bosses.

  • Review: Beneath the Leaves

    Review: Beneath the Leaves

    I’d tell you not to bother with Beneath the Leaves, except I watched it through to the end. It comes close to being good, but doesn’t make it.

  • Review: Mothers and Daughters

    Review: Mothers and Daughters

    Mothers and Daughters is a series of slightly interwoven tales about mothers and daughters that came out in 2016 just in time for Mother’s Day. It has an absolutely fabulous cast.

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