Vanessa Redgrave

Rose Reid in Finding You

Review: Finding You, and Ireland isn’t so bad either

Finding You is a romance with some substance. I hesitate to call it a romcom because it doesn’t quite fit the genre, but it’s definitely a love story. It was filmed in Ireland and takes its time showing you the sights, which is a treat. It’s available on Prime Video.

Sean Connery and Vanessa Redgrave in Murder on the Orient Express

Review: Murder on the Orient Express (1974 version)

I had company over the weekend. Their favorite channel is TCM, which I don’t get. Since we couldn’t find an oldie to watch on TCM, we watched the 1974 Murder on the Orient Express on Amazon Video.

Rachel Weisz in The Whistleblower

Review: The Whistleblower

The Whistleblower is a 2010 film starring Rachel Weisz. I recently watched it for the first time. The drama is based on the experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, a Nebraska cop who served as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia and exposed the U.N. for covering up a sex scandal.

Black Box

Show Some Support for Season 1 of Black Box

Season 1 of Black Box is 10 episodes in. I want to comment on the series before the season is over, because I hope it will be renewed. Black Box is about Dr. Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly), a brilliant neuroscientist who hides her bipolar disease from her peers. Her therapist is played by Vanessa Redgrave. Honestly, they had me at …

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Black Box

Will You Watch Black Box?

The new series Black Box, set to begin on ABC on April 24 looks like something I’ll like. Will you be watching? The series stars Kelly Reilly as Dr. Catherine Black, a neuroscientist who works on the cutting edge of brain research. Dr. Black suffers from mental illness and attempts, somewhat imperfectly according to the previews, to hide this from …

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