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  • Review: Blue

    Review: Blue

    Blue tells the story of one woman’s struggles with mental health. She has many losses to deal with and searches for a reason to keep on living.

  • Review: Season 3 of Blue from WIGS

    Review: Season 3 of Blue from WIGS

    Season 3 of Blue from WIGS went online on Friday. It’s on Hulu, not on YouTube. It’s also available on While still free, even on Hulu, it has a different feel from the first two seasons. The story and Blue as a character aren’t different. Blue’s still the same mysterious and guarded mom/escort she […]

  • Watch This: Teaser for S3 of Blue

    Watch This: Teaser for S3 of Blue

    The WIGS series includes many wonderful films. One of the best is Blue starring Julia Stiles. Catch up on the first two seasons of Blue and the other WIGS series, if you haven’t seen them. You’ll be hooked quickly. Season 3 of Blue will be released March 28. Some back story if this teaser is […]

  • WIGS: Web Series Extraordinaire

    WIGS: Web Series Extraordinaire

    Some of the best stories you’ll find anywhere are now playing on your computer on a YouTube channel called WIGS. WIGS offers original series, short films, and documentaries, all starring female leads. There are numerous offerings on WIGS. Some films are one episode, some 3, some 12, some with more than one season. All feature […]

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