Recap: Lost Girl S4, E2 Sleeping Beauty School

Trick (Richard Howland) talks to a photo of Bo. “Please, my darling granddaughter, just tell us. Where are you?” The question on everyone’s mind starts off the episode. Lost Girl still has a lost girl.

Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) gets off his motorcycle at the spot where Tamsin drove off the cliff. The spot he’s been going to every day in search of Tamsin. He pokes around in the weeds.

Dyson finds this little hellion in the weeds
Dyson finds this little hellion in the weeds

He finds a little spitfire of a girl (Ava Preston). Based on her attitude and her mass of blonde hair, I think she’s a teeny-tiny Valkyrie.

Kenzi surveys the bed
Kenzi surveys the welcome-home love nest

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is preparing Bo’s bedroom for a welcome home. She has everything a succubus could want in her love nest: chocolate, lube, the promise of angel quality Victoria Secret models and a perfectly made bed. I like this shot of Kenzi checking out the bed because it has both Mia Kirshner and Ali Liebert listed as guest stars on the same screen.

Dyson asks her what she’s doing, especially since they haven’t found Bo yet. As Kenzi fondles Bo’s kimono, he tells her she needs to come downstairs.

I think she was in the crash.
I think she was in the crash.

Kenzi sees the urchin in the kitchen and says, “Oh, my god, it’s mini-me.” Dyson tells her he thinks she was in the crash. “Valkyries have many lives.” He wants to keep her because she may know something about Bo’s father. Kenzi agrees that they need to go all interrogation on her. The girl tosses a huge knife into the wall with perfect accuracy, says, “Peace out, losers,” and flounces off. Kenzi says, “Tamsin,” and Dyson agrees.

Whatcha doing on the phone, Amber?
Whatcha doing on the phone, Amber?

At Ronny’s Restaurant, Lauren – err, Amber – is cursing a phone call that doesn’t go through. Crystal, another waitress, comes up behind her. It’s everyone’s favorite Bomb Girl, Ali Liebert. She says, “You ever need anything . . . ” as an offer to help the lovely Amber with just about anything. Amber denies needing help and walks off.

Trick is explaining that newly reborn Valkyries don’t always remember everything, which is why they can’t get the info they want out of tiny Tamsin. He says they sometimes suppress memories from the last lifetime.

Trick comments on how insecure the clubhouse is while messing with a crate he brought from the Dal. You know which crate, the one with The Wanderer card in it that nobody has yet noticed contains an image of Bo. Dyson notices cuts on Trick’s arm and Trick explains about a run-in with Aife. Unfortunately, the encounter drove Aife, “back to insanity over the loss of her child.” That’s ambiguous enough to let them do just about anything with Aife in future episodes.

Kenzi still has the compass
Kenzi still has the compass

Trick says to find Bo they need the compass they left behind at Angleworm’s, but Kenzi whips it out and says, “Oh, this bad boy?” Trick checks out the compass and announces that Bo is no longer on this physical plane.

Bo awakens
Bo awakens

Cut to Bo (Anna Silk), who wakes up atop a bed in a white nightgown. She’s in something that’s moving.

Where am I?
Where am I?

Bo peers out a window and sees clouds or smoke flying by. “Shit,” is her reaction.

Dyson and Trick are talking about someone who can traverse the intersecting planes of existence to track Bo. Endymion. He’s been missing for 800 years. The only Fae who might know where the missing Endymion is turns out to be his ex, Selene (Cynthia Preston), who owns a salon. Trick has her address right here in his Fae Rolodex.

Vex is tortured

They hear horrible screams and Trick says it’s the Una Mens. Cut to a dungeon where Vex (Paul Amos) is trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey and bleeding from almost every square inch of skin. The dungeon master (Christine Horne) want to know where The Morrigan’s body is. Vex says she isn’t dead, she’s missing. They threaten him with a mask. For some reason the mask is really scary and he caves. He asks why he would give them a crazy bitch when he can give them – her. He gestures to a mask.

Which crazy bitch is Vex giving up?
Who is Vex giving up, the human doctor or the unaligned succubus?

The camera pans past masks for the unaligned succubus and the human doctor. Who is Vex selling out now? And what the hell are the scary masks about? They let him go but put some gooey gunk from the dungeon master’s neck in his mouth first.

At Selene’s salon, Dyson and Hale (K.C. Collins)  are looking for Endymion, also known as Eddie, which is much easier to spell, thank you. Selene says he hasn’t been around in ages. She wants to cut Dyson’s curly hair and drags him to the back.

My hat, now.
My hat, now.

Hale tries to break into the salon’s computer, when Clio (Mia Kirshner) shows up, snatches his hat, and says, “What do you want with Eddie? Selene isn’t going to tell you shit. You need to go see Astrid.” She writes something on Hale’s hand as a message to Astrid and disappears, leaving only the hat.

Back at the succubus love nest Kenzi is perfecting, tiny Tamsin is asking a lot of questions. Kenzi gives her a giant lollipop, which was part of the love nest supplies.

Maybe I lack imagination, but I cannot decide how Bo would make use of a giant lollipop during her sexual escapades. I finally decide the lollipop is an homage to The L Word because it looks exactly like the one Jenny, played so well by Mia Kirshner, was licking during Max’s baby shower.

Tiny Tamsin wants to know if Kenzi has a boyfriend and if they make out. Kenzi says men are dumb and love kicks you in the friggin’ box – or whatever. Tiny Tamsin eyes Bo’s night stand and says, “What’s a condom?” Kenzi says everything in Bo’s room is off limits to little Valkyries. The little Valkyrie is bouncing like mad. Kenzi says, “Why are you vibrating? Is that a Valyrie thing?”  Nope, just gotta pee.

Tiny Tamsin tosses Kenzi’s magic sparkle cream that makes her a fake Fae in the toilet. Kenzi demonstrates the gleam, but when Tiny Tamsin wants more she is out of gleam cream.

Getting the scent
Getting the scent

Astrid (Farah Merani), who has no mouth and therefore can’t talk, is talking a blue streak. She’s giving Dyson and Hale advice about their loves lives while she discusses scents. She says Hale needs to learn to hunt (Kenzi, we presume), and puts a drop of scent on him. She gives Dyson a vial she calls “one kiss.”

In the salon, a whole herd of scantily clad beautiful women dance around Dyson and Hale. Every good looking woman in Canada must have been hired for this scene. Suddenly Clio appears. She’s dressed in black slacks with a tucked in white shirt. Compared to the other women in the salon, she looks positively butch. Dyson wants to ask her questions, but she says, “Girls, it’s feeding time and guess who’s coming to dinner.” Dinner is Hale. (Yes, they did make a guess who’s coming to dinner joke about Hale. Boo. Hiss.) All the pretty girls gather around Hale, apparently to smell him. Because, you know, the scent.

The Wanderer
The Wanderer card

Kenzi attempts to make cookies to entertain Tiny Tamsin. Tiny Tamsin finds The Wanderer card. When she touches it, it bursts into flames. Someone finally notices that Bo is on the card. MMXV is also on the card, which Tamsin asks about. She also asks if Kenzi thinks Bo is stuck in the card.

Dyson breaks into a bedroom to find Eddie (Benjamin Ayres).  He’s asleep and Dyson can’t wake him. Selene appears and says Eddie isn’t dead, just fast, fast asleep.

At the restaurant, Lauren – err, Amber – sees a newspaper photo that looks a lot like Bo. She drops all her dishes on the floor. Crystal comes over to help clean up and lets Lauren know that she isn’t fooling anyone with her fake resume that says she’s waited tables before.

You're cute, funny and sexy.
You’re cute, funny and sexy.

Crystal touches Lauren, straightens her hair, pins on her name tag for her and calls her cute, funny and sexy. Oddly, she isn’t put off by the horrid wig. As if that wasn’t enough obvious flirting, Crystal wants to get a drink with Amber/Lauren after work.

The Lauren look
The Lauren look

Amber/Lauren gives Crystal that look, you know, the one where she uses her eyes. The look that says I realize you are incredibly desirable and you are offering yourself to me. Then she says she can’t have a drink after work, she just can’t.

one kiss
One kiss

Back in Eddie’s bedroom, Dyson uses his vial of one kiss to make Selene kiss Eddie and wake him up. She’d rather kiss Dyson, but the stuff in the vial works. Eddie is back with us. First he elbows his wife, calls her a harlot. Then he wants mead and a Turkish bath.

Kenz. I know that name.
Kenz. I know that name.

Bo is locking picking her way out of the railroad car, muttering, “You’re right Kenz, lock picking is a skill everyone should know.” She pauses, “Kenz, I know that name.” What? She doesn’t remember Kenzi? Everyone else remembers. Why doesn’t Bo remember? She gives up on the lock and pounds on the door. A nurse dressed in a uniform that looks like it was in style in the Civil War comes in and says, “Hush, you’ll awaken him.”

“Him?” asks Bo.

“I don’t think I can say,” says the nurse. Bo remembers she can charm people, because she immediately lays a succubus touch on the nurse to try to get more information out of her. The nurse says, “Beautiful eyes – both brown and blue. You’re the one.” Well, that’s spooky déjà vu.

The train goes all wobbly and the nurse says, “You made him angry.”

Eddie leads the way
Eddie leads the way

Eddie, who has a mysteriously appearing and disappearing umbrella, brought Hale and Dyson to a place with a lot of junk piled beside some railroad tracks. He says he must know Dyson’s true feelings for Bo to find her. First Dyson gives him a description: brown hair, 5’6″, etc. That won’t do. Dyson shows Eddie the burned card photo on his phone that Kenzi sent him. Eddie wants to know if Kenzi is his, too, just like this Bo. Hale says, “No, she’s mine.” Eddie says if Bo is the person on the card she’s in a heap of trouble.

To make the tracking work, Dyson has to give the feels. He says, “She has the most beautiful heart. And it breaks every time someone she loves is hurting. She’s brave. Stubborn. Passionate. True. She loves with all of her being. And I can’t do any of this without her.” Eddie likes that.

Hale says it’s hard to say stuff like that out loud. Dyson, says, “Hale, you gotta tell Kenzi how you feel.” Hale says it isn’t that easy, makes excuses. Dyson says no more excuses. Hale splits to go find Kenzi.

Girl talk
Girl talk

Amber/Lauren delivers a plate of liver and onions to a male customer. He says, “Thank you, darlin'” She sits down by Crystal to fold napkins and says, “I think that guy just slapped my butt with his eyes. How do you put up with some of these customers?”

“Same as I put up with some of the staff.” Getting turned down on an invite for drinks brings out the claws.

Amber/Lauren apologizes for earlier, which Crystal quickly forgives. The liver and onions guy chokes and Lauren goes into doctor mode.

restaurant surgery
restaurant surgery

Amber/Lauren slices open the guy’s throat with a table knife, asks him what kind of Fae he is to be sure she knows what she’s doing, and pulls a metal cage or something equally weird out of him. Despite the 7″ slit in his neck, he sits up and says thank you.

Amber/Lauren looks up to see that Crystal has filmed the whole thing with her phone. (Déjà vu is everywhere you look.) Crystal has visions of big money from selling this piece of alien footage somewhere. Lauren isn’t thrilled.

By the railroad tracks, Dyson and Eddie talk dimensional shifts. Dyson smells someone following them. (Clio is on a rooftop with binoculars.)

Hale shows up at the clubhouse with flowers. He’s practicing his speech to Kenzi when she comes in and tells him to hush because Tiny Tamsin is asleep. He gives her the flowers. She says, “Hale, that’s so sweet. These are gonna add that little boom, boom, pow Bo’s room needs.” She’s a heartbreaker, that Kenzi.

This is all right, right?
This is all right, right?

“I like you,” Hale blurts out. “Every time I walk into a room, you are all I can look at.” Kenzi plants a big kiss on him, pauses, wonders what she’s doing, sweeps everything off the counter and pulls Hale on top with her, pauses, says, “This is all right, right?” She grabs him again, does something with her hands in his lower regions while he is saying, “Wait, wait.” She looks at her handiwork, says, “Oh, god, I love you in purple!” and wraps her legs around him. Hale says, “Wait, it’s the perfume.” She doesn’t want to give up and waste the purple, but just then Tamsin screams.

They rush upstairs to find a teen Tamsin (Eliana Jones) with even more thick Valkyrie curls than Tiny Tamsin. Teen Tamsin is mortified by her breasts. They tell her everything will be okay and Hale attempts a Dad speech.

super bizarro
super bizarro

Teen Tamsin says she’s super bizarro. Kenzi says, “Sorry, kid. You’re growing up.”

Kudos to the casting crew. Not only did they find every pretty 20-something woman in Canada to be in the salon scenes, they also found two young actors who look very much like Rachel Skarsten to be the younger Tamsins.

Dyson finds a machine in the junk beside the railroad tracks. It looks a bit like an old radio from the days when radios had tubes and took up the whole living room wall. He thinks the thing is important but Eddie doesn’t know what it is. Dyson realizes Eddie has been asleep so long he doesn’t know what anything modern is and can’t track. Clio flies into the scene and tackles Eddie with his own umbrella. Clio rants about opening the gate to another dimension with a ticket and how it would make them all go boom. Then she fights off Dyson with the umbrella. He knocks out one of her teeth with the thing.

I'm Eddie
I’m Eddie

Clio says, “He is not Eddie. I’m Eddie,” and smacks the umbrella in the dirt for emphasis. Seems Eddie was asleep so long that she took over his gigs. Then we need some exposition about how Eddie’s spawn were elementals but they only have command of one element, whereas Clio is some sort of super elemental who has command of all four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. Finished with her exposition, Clio pushes Eddie onto the train tracks, and she knows a train is coming. He quotes 800 year old poetry as the train obliterates him leaving no trace. Clio says the next train comes at a quarter after 8 and asks if Dyson has a ticket. He says he might.

Back at the clubhouse, looking at The Wanderer card with MMXV on it. Could be 2015 or 8:15 pm. Kenzi says no one can touch the card because it bursts into flames, but Clio can because of the elemental thingy. Dyson and Clio leave with the card.

The ticket
The ticket

Clio stuffs the ticket in the strange machine. It works.

Dyson’s phone rings and it’s Lauren. She wants to come home. I hope home is the place where Bo is, and not some Fae compound ruled over by a new Ash. Dyson says it’s not safe, people are still looking for her. She tells Dyson to take care of her.

Vex is breaking into a car, on the phone promising money to – wait for it – Clio. He insists he will pay a lot if Bo is returned in one piece. Clio is talking on a plastic cylinder that appears and disappears from behind her ear without logical explanation. Do Apple and Google know about this communication device?

Train's coming
Train’s coming

Phone calls finished, Dyson and Clio go stand on the track, right where Eddie had once been. Clio says, “Shit’s about to get interesting. That’s a death train.” They disappear magically just as the train approaches.

Teen Tamsin sleeps in Bo’s bed as Kenzi sets off with a bejeweled gadget which she will use to pay for more Sparkle Plenty from Massimo. She swiped the jeweled thing from Trick, and he’s looking for it. Teen Tamsin may be grown Tamsin when she wakes up – did Kenzi think about that when she let her sleep in Bo’s perfect sex palace?

Amber/Lauren and Crystal are downing shots after work, still in the cafe. Yeah, I know Lauren said she couldn’t but that was before the video incident. Crystal leaves to pee and Lauren digs immediately for her phone. There’s a password. Crystal returns and tells her the password. Crystal says, “This is about that alien video.”

Thank you for deleting
Thank you for deleting

Lauren says, “That video can’t exist.” She explains about the bad people who will come for her and says she wishes she could tell Crystal more. Crystal deletes it. Lauren gives her a long, long, long hug. Crystal offers to delete 30 Instagrams of gas station sandwiches if hugging will happen again. Lauren says, “I’m Lauren.” Crystal says, “Nice to meet you, Lauren.”

I'm getting off this train
I’m getting off this train

Bo sucked enough chi from the nurse to be able to escape the train. (The train one hopes Dyson and Clio just boarded, but oh, well.) Bo opens the train door, looks out into the night, and leaps.

Personal Thoughts

  • Have they stopped using the word “fae” in every episode title?
  • Again, a light episode for new mommie Anna Silk, giving her time with the baby. And not making her stuff her new mommie body into Bo’s leather pants quite yet. However, this episode’s searching after Bo got us nowhere, really. She jumped off the train just as Dyson and Clio got on. Does that mean we have to spend another episode Bo-less? I’m ready for the succubus to be back at 100%.
  • Ali Liebert is so delicious. She’s the Marilyn Monroe of the 21st Century, minus all the simpering.
  • Maybe the props, especially the disappearing umbrella and the disappearing tube behind the ear that Clio used to communicate, were metaphors for the disappearing memories of Bo, who can’t remember Kenzi, and for Kenzi, who can’t seem to remember her own love life.
  • Rachel, where are you?

I Love Lost Girl and You Should, Too

If you’ve never heard of Lost Girl you are already 3 seasons behind. Get yourself over to Netflix or Hulu, the SyFy channel in the U.S. or Showcase in Canada. Make an effort to catch up before season 4 begins in 2014.

lost girl main cast

The cast, left to right, front row: Richard Howland, Anna Silk, Zoie Palmer. Back row Ksenia Solo, K.C. Collins and Kris Holden-Ried. Photo from SyFy.

The Fae, the Succubus, and the Key Cast Members

I’ll summarize the pilot and try to explain what the show is about in hopes of getting you hooked so we can compare notes on plots and characters.

The show is set in a world where a race of people called Fae share space with humans. Fae feed off humans in various ways while trying to remain hidden from human society. Fae feed off humans by stealing their sexual energy, rage, or grief. They can also feed on human luck, talent, vengeance or actual human corpses.

Once you’ve accepted the basic premise of the show – Fae and human in the same world – you find the Fae world populated with wonderful characters, all based on mythology, such as mesmers, shape shifters, sirens, furies, will-o-the-wisps, blood kings, Baba Yaga, Gorudas, nagas, fairies, brownies and, most importantly, a succubus in the form of the show’s namesake, Lost Girl.

The lost girl is Bo Dennis, played by Anna Silk. She was raised by humans and only discovers at the show’s beginning that she is a succubus – hence, she’s been “lost” for years. A succubus feeds off sexual energy. Bo has been doing that since she went through puberty, but she doesn’t know what she is or how to control her need for sexual chi so she’s left a string of dead lovers behind and considers herself a murderous monster.

In episode one, Bo rescues a street-wise young human, Kenzi, played by Ksenia Solo, who becomes Bo’s sidekick. In the process of saving Kenzi, Bo drains the life out of a predatory asshole who gave a ruffie to Kenzi. The life-draining succubus kill leads to the involvement of two Fae cops who realize the dead guy was killed by a Fae. The cops are Dyson, played by Kris Holden-Ried, and Hale, played by K.C. Collins. The cops catch Bo and take her to see The Ash, the head of one clan of the Fae.

There are two clans of Fae: light and dark. The Ash asks Bo to declare herself as either light or dark. She refuses. This refusal to choose a clan endures throughout future episodes and is an important part of many plot lines and of Bo’s character. (She’s not following anyone’s rules but her own, which are influenced heavily by human values such as loyalty, a sense of justice, and a great capacity for love. These values are not always compatible with Fae life.)

The Ash realizes that Bo doesn’t know she’s Fae. He sends her to Lauren Lewis, played by Zoie Palmer. Lauren is a human doctor who is in service to The Ash and is immediately attracted to Bo. To be fair, everyone is immediately attracted to Bo, but Lauren’s attraction becomes important to the storyline. Lauren explains to Bo that she is a succubus and that she doesn’t have to kill the people with whom she has sex. This is welcome news to Bo; she is more than ready to learn to control her hunger for sexual chi.

As a first step in introducing Bo to the Fae world, Dyson takes her to meet Trick, played by Richard Howland, who at this point seems to be merely the owner of a Fae pub or way station.

Now we’ve met all the key characters in the cast and know that the trajectory of the show will deal with Bo’s journey of self-discovery. We also get the sense that Dyson and Trick were expecting her to show up and there are a lot of secrets involving this particular succubus.

Overarching story lines from season to season involve Bo’s hunt for her biological parents and her efforts to understand herself and her role in the Fae world. Bo and Kenzi declare themselves investigators so plot lines for individual episodes often revolve around Bo solving cases or fighting evil for the Fae, for the cops, or for people she cares about. Plots are also heavy with story lines about Bo’s sex and/or love life. When she discovers she can have sex with Dyson, the Fae cop, without killing him, she goes on a several-episode-long Dyson binge. She’s a succubus, after all. For a while the show promoted the love-triangle aspects of Bo/Dyson/Lauren and people were signing up as Team Dyson or Team Lauren shippers.

Even though Bo and Kenzi have many a conversation about Bo’s love life, this series easily passes the Bechdel Test. To pass the Bechdel Test, a show must at least two women who talk to each other about something other than a man. The great majority of movies and TV shows cannot pass this test. Lost Girl has many female characters, not just one who is there as an appendage to a man. Bo and Kenzi do talk about Dyson quite a lot, but they also talk about Lauren a lot, as well as about whose turn it is to fold the laundry, or which weapons to take to a battle to save the world, or the proper pizza toppings, or how easy it would be to get a new leather jacket by using your succubus charms on the sales clerk. There are lots of things to talk about when you’re a fully developed character.

Why I Love Lost Girl and You Should, Too

Lost Girl Fan Expo

Lost Girl Cast at Fan Expo from Wikimedia Commons ©Tabercil

There are so many things I love about Lost Girl.

  • It’s funny. There’s a joke for everything. Ksenia Solo is brilliantly hilarious as Bo’s sidekick and is the perfect comic relief. Everyone on the show can be funny, but Kenzi gets in the best zingers week after week. Kenzi may be ultra loyal to her favorite seductress, but that doesn’t prevent her from calling Bo names like “wonder snatch.” Kenzi is creative with the insults, for example, “Tell me, your name isn’t Dickface, King of the Douchebags, is it?”
  • It’s sexy. Anna Silk is the perfect succubus. She’s voluptuous, with cleavage that should be listed as a cast member. She can really bring the sexy when she needs to, which is often. She dresses in skin tight black leather and vests with low, low, low necklines. She can look stunningly sexy just leaning against a wall. The beautiful thing about the sexy on this show is that it’s not judgmental. Bo might be with a man, or a woman, or a man and a woman and there’s never any discussion about her location on the gender identification scale or any hint that it even needs to be discussed. The characters who land in bed with Bo are equally adept at selling the passionate that the succubus brings out in them.
  • Everybody gets to be sexy. Yes, Bo is the succubus, but she’s not the only sex object. Dyson has his shirt off in nearly every episode and his “junk” is a much discussed topic. In one episode, Bo drinks a toast to “Dyson’s wang.” In another, when she’s mad at him, she suggests she should have bitten it off when she had the chance. In another episode, Kenzi and Dyson change bodies via some Fae magic and Kenzi celebrates her new form by checking out Dyson’s package. (Kris Holden-Ried is a superb actor, but when he is being Kenzi inside Dyson’s body he’s absolutely brilliant!) Then there’s the topic of K.C. Collins’ (Hale) abs – all I can say is “Wow.” Richard Howland, who plays Trick, is a little person. In Lost Girl, the little people get to smooch it up as much as their taller friends. This isn’t the kind of show where only the perfectly beautiful people manage to find love.
  • It’s kick ass. The women get to kick ass, not just the guys. Bo can toss an evil character up against a wall with a mere flick of the wrist. Kenzi gets in her licks, too. In season 3, a new Fae cop, played by Rachel Skarsten, joins the regular cast. Tamsin is tough and cynical and definitely kick-ass. Many of the recurring cast members are kick-ass awesome as well.
  • The acting is superb. This is a Canadian show – most of the actors are Canadians that I had never heard of before I started watching. So I’m getting to know a whole raft of new names and faces. Very talented new faces. None of them ever strike a false note, they all can bring emotional depth to their parts. Anna Silk, in particular, seems able to show everything from fear to pain to regret to vulnerable to tears to joy. She can be drunk, be adolescent, be wise, be tough, be warm, be cold. Everyone in the cast is top-notch and they give us characters we can care about. Ksenia Solo won a Canadian award for best supporting role on Lost Girl.
  • The writing is terrific. I’ve already mentioned that it’s funny, but it’s more than that. The dialog is smart. The plot lines and character arcs hang together from week to week – something you cannot say about many shows. Character development makes sense, people don’t just completely switch personalities from one season to the next as I’ve seen happen on other shows. Foreshadowing isn’t a false lead, it really means something. If you’re going to buy in to a supernatural world populated by pixies and werewolves, the writing better be convincing and true. This is.
  • The lead character is female. There is more than one important female character: Bo, Kenzi, Lauren, Tamsin and some of the recurring characters are female. The men are there, too: Dyson, Hale, Trick and some recurring male parts. But there’s a balance, an equality between male and female. This is a rare and wonderful quality in a TV show.
  • The costumes, effects, and sets rock! Anne Dixon is the main costume designers. She’s created a wonderful world here with just clothing and it looks so right. There’s a kind of steampunk fairyland quality to some of the sets and props that looks very convincing and makes the world of the Fae more believable. At other times it looks like early Bilbo Baggins. The special effects include everything from flaming eagles to shape shifting. It all works together to create an authentic world for the Fae.

Yep, I love Bo. I love Kenzi. I love Bo with Dyson. I love Bo with Lauren. Go watch Bo in action and see if you don’t love her too. If you’ve watched Lost Girl, tell me what you think of the show.

When season 4 begins, I’ll be in Bo’s thrall on Lost Girl once again.