Ry Russo-Young

the Russo-Young family in Nuclear Family

Review: Nuclear Family, Ry Russo-Young on her own family

In Nuclear Family director Ry Russo-Young turns the camera on her own family history. She grew up in a dramatic, groundbreaking family situation made famous by a lawsuit. Now fortyish, she’s finally ready to piece it together in this 3 part series on HBO Max.

Cierra Ramirez and Maia Mitchell in Good Trouble

Brain Dump: Before I Fall, Good Trouble, and Project Blue Book

Shall we have a few words on the movie Before I Fall, the new series Good Trouble on Freeform, and the History Channel’s Project Blue Book.

Jahi Di'Allo Winston and Peyton Kennedy in Everything Sucks

Review: Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks is a coming of age tale set in Boring, Oregon (a real place). The cast is full of high school kids who are lovable misfits in every way, and who all fall into mad first love with unreachable others. Beware the spoilers.

Zoey Deutch, Medalion Rahimi, Halston Sage, and Cynthy Wu at Before I Fall

Watch This: Trailer for Before I Fall

Before I Fall is Groundhog Day for a teenaged girl. Zoey Deutch stars as the teen who relives the same day over and over. The film caught my attention because Jennifer Beals is in the cast.

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